Moving to Hugo

So I decided to take the advice of my wise and valued friend, Scott Vandehey, and trade in my custom-built over-engineered static site generator for off-the-shelf parts. Like many web developers in 2013, I was enamored of the power of Grunt. It seemed well worth learning for someone who makes a living building web applications. I would integrate Grunt into some of my work projects, where we’d just started to shift to driving applications with client-side JavaScript and styling with Sass (we worked in . [Read More]

Minifying Browserified Angular Modules

If you’ve used Angular in production, you’ve probably learned the importance of annotating your dependencies when using a minifier like Uglify: when parameter names get mangled, Angular’s implicit annotation feature breaks. The ng-annotate package does a great job at alleviating us of this responsibility, but it may need a little hint when you’re using something like Browserify to organize your code as CommonJS modules. Let’s describe the problem with a little bit of code. [Read More]